KYOWA Adapter Microphone สำหรับ GP-328 (BLACK)


Adapter Microphone รุ่น HLN-9716


KYOWA Adapter Microphone รุ่น HLN-9716 สำหรับ GP-328 สีดำ


  • Motorola HLN9716D adapter cable allows you to use the RMN5047A NFL style single-muff headset.
  • This adapter converts multi-pin into 2-pin connector for use with some heavy-duty headsets.
  • Intrinsically Safe with FM approved radio and usable with Motorola's 2-pin connectors.
Compatible Motorola Radios : CP150, CP200, HT1250, HT1250-LS, HT1550-XLS, HT750, PR400, PR860
Type/Style : Audio Adapters

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